The Shelters – The Echo, December 5th

The LA-based rock’n’roll band The Shelters played their last hometown show of the year at The Echo in Silverlake. 

The two singers and guitarists, Chase Simpson and Josh Jove, entered the stage with tons of energy. Photo: Gosia Machaczka

The hipster hang-out The Echo smells like weed and alcohol, and the audience is surprisingly mixed this Tuesday night. The Shelters’s guitarist/singer Chase Simpson admitted early in the show that it’s been way too long since they last played in Los Angeles, and promises a long night with many songs. For those who have yet to discover this band, their sound is 60’s and 70’s influenced rock’n’roll with a modern twist. Their self-titled debut album was actually among my personal favorite records released last year. Especially “Birdwatching” is an amazing song that they played early in the show, and for me was a reminder of why I liked this band so much. “Gold”, is another one I recommend checking out. Their two newest released songs, “Really Wanted You” and ”So Get Out”, are among the best tunes this band has released thus far. All said, this set leaves you wanting more and hopefully we’ll get to see more of The Shelters in the upcoming year.

Check out more pictures from the show HERE.

By: Rosanna Rundlof
Photo: Gosia Machaczka

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