Weathers: “All of us has come in contact with mental health in one way or another”

Weathers are one of the hottest new indie rock bands emerging from the LA scene. Their debut album, “Kids In The Night”, is about accepting that it is ok to not be ok. We had a chat with Cameron Boyer (vocals/rhythm guitar) Cameron Olsen (lead guitar), Cole Carson (drums), and Brennen Bates (bass) just before they rounded up their tour with Palaye Royale at The Fonda Theater in Los Angeles.

How has the tour been? Tonight is the last show!
Boyer: It’s been amazing! We’ve gained a lot of new fans and the shows have been packed. Everyone has been down to have fun.

What’s different about playing a hometown show? Are your friends and family coming out?
Boyer: Yeah, it’s always a lot of people who wanna talk to us and it can get a bit stressful to be honest. So, I’d say these shows are a bit more stressful, but they’re also fun. We kinda get to show off a little bit. Haha.
Cole: And we’re playing The Fonda which none of us has ever played before, so that’s one thing to check off the list!

Do you have any free time after this tour or is it straight on to the next?
Boyer: One day, then we head back to the east coast.

I was gonna ask, what do you like to do when you get a break from touring?
Cole: Oh man. There’s a lot of camping for me. I like to get out of the city and not be on my phone for a while.
Boyer: I like to hit my favorite restaurants and see a couple of movies. And play some video games, relax, and do nothing.
Brennen: I like to sleep a lot.
Olsen: I just like to relax, drink, hang out.

Are you writing anything right now?
Boyer: We’re always kind of writing a little bit here and there. We did a lot of writing earlier this year and recently we have been recording. We actually got a draft on a new song today, it sounds awesome!

Photo: Gosia Machaczka

You’ve been posting a lot in honor of mental health awareness month. Why is this topic important to you?

Boyer: All of us has come in contact with mental health in some way or another. My mom is bipolar and schizophrenic, and it’s been a huge part of my life. One of the songs on the album, “Secret’s Safe With Me”, is about that. And the whole album is kinda about that it’s ok to accept that it is ok to not be ok, and that sort of things. But what’s funny is when we wrote the album we didn’t get into it like “let’s make mental health a badge that we wear on our sleeves”. We just wrote about ourselves, things we’ve been through and what’s important to us. The fans were actually the ones that took it, and sort of made it into a mental health awareness movement. They were the ones that made it bigger than us. It’s really cool that music can do that.

Do you think it is harder as a guy to get out there and expose your feelings, or has that come naturally for you?
Boyer: I think it’s very individual from person to person. Everyone’s a little different. I like to talk about feelings and being like an open book. I think that’s why all of our songs go in that direction. Some people don’t as much, and that’s fine too.  
Cole: Yeah totally. I think it also depends on how you were raised. If your family had an open dialogue, it’s easier to open up to other people. Also, I think males has been a little more progressive with that the last couple of years, it seems like everyone’s opening up a bit more. People have been bringing the whole toxic masculinity thing to light, which has been great.

How do you handle it when you’re not feeling ok?
Cole: Play drums. Haha. It’s different from time to time.
Boyer: Sometimes I wanna be alone, or go for a drive. Other times I wanna talk to someone and other times I shut down, and that really sucks.
Olsen: Yeah, sometimes you just wanna go and have a good time, and not think about it.

Photo: Gosia Machaczka

Who of you writes the lyrics?

Boyer: We all do, we contribute, collaborate and come up with different lines.

Do you write personal diaries about feelings/things you don’t want anyone to know?
Boyer: I don’t keep a diary. I’ve been told that I should. I would say that the closest thing to a diary would be the music.

It is that personal?

Photo: Gosia Machaczka

Since this is a Swedish-American magazine, have you ever been to Sweden?

Boyer: I have! Sweden is awesome. I was only there for a couple of days, but it was super beautiful. Everyone was so nice, and everyone was really pretty too, both guys and girls! Everyone was like a model.

On vacation?
Boyer: It was part of a little cruise that I did, with a stop in Sweden.

What do you guys know about Sweden?
Cole: There’s some really great musicians coming out of there.
Olsen: All I know is the soccer team. And beautiful people. I wanna go!
Brennan: I went to a Swedish smorgasbord thing one time. It was pretty good!
Cole: And Ikea, I guess!
Olsen: Swedish House Mafia… A lot of big pop writers are Swedish. Aren’t Daft Punk… no they’re French. But isn’t Miike Snow Swedish? Also, Max Martin! A lot of big writers.
Boyer: And wasn’t Avicci Swedish?

Oh, you know a lot!

Photo: Gosia Machaczka

So what music do you like right now?

Boyer: It’s always like a mixed bag for me. I really like Halsey’s new track. And I’m always listening to 80’s new wave, non-stop.
Cole: I’m a huge fan of the new Foals album.
Olsen: I actually like Yungblud’s new single “Parents”. And Halsey’s new single. I guess they are an influence for each other!

What’s next for you guys?
Boyer: We’re gonna have one day off, then tour for a week, then home for about a week and then on to the next tour. So, just touring a bunch. We’re planning to release some new music this year. We always try to put out new content.

Photo: Gosia Machaczka

Any plans for Europe?

Boyer: I wish. It feels like it is in the near future.
Olsen: I hope so! I would think 2020, if something pops up.

Oh, you will!
Boyer: It’s definitely something we’re interested in, I think people would like us over there.
Cole: We get a lot of comments asking us to come there.
Boyer: Sometimes like half of our comments are about wanting us to come to south Africa or Europe.

Oh wow! How do you think they heard about you?
Olsen: Social media, Spotify, playlists…
Cole: And I guess Happy Pills did ok over there.

Alright, I think that was all for now! Anything else you want to add?
Boyer: Tell the people in Sweden that we want to come.
Olsen: We’re gonna brush up on our Swedish knowledge.
Cole: Also, we once had this warm, Swedish wine. Glögg! It was freakin’ delicious.

Check out Weathers debut album “Kids In The Night”.

Interview by: Rosanna Rundlof
Live photos: Gosia Machaczka

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